A systemic Thought

Defining social relationships

Each and everytime you and a partner – but basically anyone – connect, you are adding to your definition of what it is between you. Of how it is bonding you – How far your common system expands to your both understandings of it.

The theory of systems by Niklas Luhmann goes as far as stating: „the system is the difference of the System and its environment.“ Or in other terms: The definition of anything is its differentiation to something else.

Why is this so crazy? Because it does answer the question of how something is created outrageously good: Autopoiesis. Auto (Self) and Poiesis (creation/forming) – System theoretics believe the elements define their system themselves.


Through Communication. Verbal, nonverbal and even paraverbal – through things we say, we imply and things we express through empathetic systems. Giving us as elements the opportunity to create/define anything together in the sum of every second of interaction with each other – a powerful thought and a motivational attribution to the biggest social system we live in: Society.

The world we create is the society we live in. It consists of relatively stable cycles of interaction between humans.

A derivate of everyones personality. I agree with Jens Asendorpf thought phrased in 2014 „Personality is the result of medium-term stable behavioral patterns.“ (Neyer, F. J., & Asendorpf, J. B. (2017). Psychologie der Persönlichkeit. Springer-Verlag) Personality isn’t seen as a fixed nonchangeable construct but rather a dynamicly changing concept of self. See this level change from individual to society:

It is your actions shaping your personality but the interactions in between individuals shape society. 


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